8 Heart Attack Symptoms in Women Esymptoms Checker

Have you seen a scene of a movie, in which the man gasps, hold his chest and fall down on the ground? Yes, you catch it right. That is the condition that is known as the heart attack. In men and women, the heart attack strikes in different way. The young age women (30 to 54 years) are more prone to the heart attacks. Most of us would not be surprised with this finding as it has become a very common cause of death. For years, the symptoms in the women are generally misdiagnosed, the reason we really don’t know.

Now, the condition has reversed. The women of today’s era are educated and understand their well being. In this article, we are discussing 8 symptoms that directly show it is a heart attack.

1. Non-chest pain

Your upper body starts feeling tingling, pressure, burning sensation or tightness. This is the feeling like pulled muscle or pinched nerve that happens in the arthritis. The jaw, throat, ear, shoulders and arms can also be affected with this condition. So, it is suggested to visit the doctor and find out the reason.

2. Breath shortness

Breathlessness is another indication of heart attack. This can occur while climbing the stairs or doing daily activity. Sometimes, the condition is like the women feel they were running a marathon. Do not confuse them with the asthma and COPD. It’s better to go for proper diagnosis. The condition starts gradually, so never ignore this.

3. Feeling unusual fatigue

By doing a survey, it is found that around 70% of the women feel the fatigue condition before the heart attack. This is not your normal fatigue condition related to sleep or flu. You can even get tired while stepping down your house or doing daily activities.

4. Occurrence of sweating

Without any reason, you can get soaked in the cold sweat. This is the sure shot sign of a heart attack on its way.

5. Episodes of anxiety

If a heart attack is going to come, you have previously felt the fearful moments. It must be possible that you are aware of this symptom, but does not know how to deal with it. If you are mistaken it with the stress, then you are totally ignoring your health.

A678YR Portrait of a woman holding her head with a pained expression.

6. Dizziness

Shakiness and feeling of faint without any obvious reason can happen when the proper amount of blood does not reach the heart. With that, you have to pay an extra attention as it leads to shortness of breath and cold sweat.

7. Stomach pain or no proper digestion

Indigestion is the biggest cause of heart attack. The condition is also known as ‘heartburn’. The symptoms usually occur after having a meal and on giving the antacid it get correct very quickly. In case the pain remains and you feel like something heavy is kept on your chest, then it is nothing but the heart attack.

8. Uneasiness in the chest

Chest pain happens in heart attacks is centered generally to the breastbone and shifted to the left part. This is the last condition, which shows the symptoms of heart attack.

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