Herbal Remedies for alleviating symptoms of Malaria

Malaria is caused by plasmodium parasite via an infected mosquito bite called anopheles. It is spread among humans and animals too. A place should be kept neat and clean so that it remains free of mosquitoes. Stagnant water nearby iving spaces should be highly prevented. Mosquitoes breed and live in water, so keeping water in open spaces is highly risky for oneself. If someone gets malaria, there are various remedies to cure it.

All precautions should be taken to reduce its symptoms. There are many herbal remedies for alleviating Malaria symptoms and one can follow those to help lessen the illness. Many plant species are used to extract the medicinal value out of these.

Let us learn how herbal remedies are useful in alleviating symptoms of Malaria :

It is believed that over 1200 plant species from 160 different families are utilized in treating malaria and one of its major symptom, fever. Many clinical trials have been conducted to check the effectiveness of these medicines. There were no side effects and no toxicity reported during the treatment. A common kind of malaria, falciparum malaria was studied and found that it had 100 percent parasitic clearance after 4-7 days of herbal medicine treatment. Other benefits of herbal medicines include that it is highly affordable and often more available. Its preparations, dosages and treatment are highly effective.

There are different concentrations of active ingredients used form varied plant species in herbal medicines and it depends on various factors. Their quality is also high and continuous efforts have been made to make them even better.

One of the herbal way to treat malaria is through aqueous root extract of plant Cryptolepis sanguinolenta and it showed better response as compared to another treatment via chloroquine. There are various symptoms in Malaria such as shivering, feeling cold, fever, headache, sweating, etc. and it is important to reduce all of these symptoms to make a patient feel better.

Therefore, choosing a wise herbal remedy through experts is recommended as this is matter of health and body.

An early diagnosis and treatment of the disease will help in curing well. It can be otherwise dangerous and risky often leading to death of mostly children, All medications should be taken routinely and avoid further mosquito bites else it would complicate the situation. Usually, medicinal plants for herbal preparations are used in prevention and treatment. The bark of tree called cinchona is used to extract quinine and it is used as anti malarial agent. It takes around 2 weeks to recover from malaria and one should be patient during the treatment.

Herbal treatment takes care well of the body response to it. A prompt action for treatment against malaria. Some malarial infection can relapse within 3-4 years, one should take care to completely cure once a person is infected.

Many plants are used to treat malaria such as khella, Madagascar periwinkle, meadow saffron, meadowsweet, rauvolfia, coca plant and opium poppy. All of these plants are used to produce remedies our of knowledge, practices and skills.

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