What are the Major Symptoms of Eye Infections?

The exclusive formation of the human eye and introduction of the eye directly to the environment causes it to be susceptible to a number of exceptional transmittable ailments caused by fungi and parasites. Eye infections are eye ailments because of bacterial, viral, parasites and fungi, etc. The infections can be categorized into various types and each one has some specific causes and treatments, etc. All components of the eyes are prone to such infections. This condition can have an effect on one or both eyes, and can take place in people of all age groups.

Reasons behind Eye Infections –

From eyelid to the cornea, any section of your eye can get affected. In some cases, the retina of the eye gets inflected. It is very common and, usually, people experience it one eye only. It is clearly visible when someone has an eye infection. People, who use lenses, are more prone to these issues. The reason behind lenses doesn’t allow a sufficient amount of oxygen to reach to the corneas. At times, the bacterial or fungal is build up in the deficiency of proper care. Some people don’t sterilize the contact lenses and it increases the risk of eye infections.

Some common symptoms of eye infections are –

  • Pink Eye
  • Blepharitis
  • Trachoma

Generally, most kinds of infections are healed within a short duration of time without any specific treatment. In some cases, it is not resolved quickly and often leads to serious problems and medication and proper treatment is crucial. All kinds of eye infections are not dangerous. But, it is not good to overlook the condition. It is essential to go for doctor’s advice immediately. If you think you have an eye infection, consult eye care specialist.

Symptoms of Eye Infections

The symptoms of this eye problem may vary according to the cause. Here are some common symptoms of all kinds of infections –

Bacterial Infections –

  • Uneasiness – People experience burning or gritty eye. But, generally, it is not severe.
  • Mild pain – If the pain is stern, a diagnosis is recommended
  • Smudge vision – People can experience smudge vision, but only when they wake up
  • Thick discharge from eyes

Usually, bacterial Infections can be managed with antibiotics and some care. Start the treatment as early as possible to avoid any serious issue.

Viral Infections –

  • Red and irritated eyes
  • Burning and grainy sensation in eyes
  • Morning crusting
  • Watery discharge

It starts with one eye and reaches to the other in a few days. It can be treated with regular care and antibiotics. Some risk factors associated with viral infections include introduction to an infected individual, greater respiratory tract infection and fresh optical checkup.

HSV Infections –

  • Eye Pain – Usually, it is mild
  • Photophobia
  • Red & Watery eyes  – It can lead complications and immediate attention is required
  • Blurred Vision – Many people experience blurred vision
  • Hazy cornea (Deeper infection)

Proper care, medication and treatment are crucial to treat HSV Infections.

Pay heed on the symptoms to avoid any serious issues!

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