Practice your personal hygiene daily and feel the difference

Raise your hand if you have ever felt embarrassed due to feminine itching. Over 65% of women faced this condition once in their lifetime. It’s all because of the yeast infection that leads to vaginal itchiness and irritation. The occurrence is generally caused due to Candida, found in the vaginal flora. Generally, it gets overgrown in the dark and moist environment of the vagina and makes the women feel uncomfortable. If you are feeling any of the following symptoms, then there are the chances that you are suffering from a yeast infection.

  • Vaginal itching ranging from mild to intense
  • Presence of lumpy discharge, generally white in color.
  • Occurrence of vaginal soreness or sensation of burning
  • Presence of redness around vagina
  • Pain at the time of intercourse

The vaginal flora is very sensitive to the change in the environment and trigger of yeast infection disrupts the balance in between good and bad bacteria. Women of all ages are prone to this condition, if they do not care about their hygienic routine. If not taken care properly, it can lead to certain kinds of consequences. In certain conditions the risk of infection gets much higher as compared to normal condition. These are:

  • If a woman is pregnant.
  • Women detected with diabetes and sugar is not in control.
  • Consumption of birth control pill.
  • Having weak immune system.
  • Due to certain disease and HIV can be the main reason.
  • Prescribed with corticosteroid medicines.
  • If you are using broad spectrum antibiotics for a long period.
  • Vaginal sprays can disturb the vaginal flora.

What to follow in this condition?

There are several medicines and creams available in the market to treat the infection. All of them provide the relief for short period of time. Have you thought of the long term management? Some of the daily routine habits can make you avoid the condition of itching and irritation

Wear comfortable dress

It is always suggested to wear loose and soft fabric dress that certainly decreases the risk of vaginal infection. This is so because; it lets the vagina breathes. Give it a thought; it will surely make you feel comfortable.

Cool down the temperature

The basic thing of avoiding the infection is lowered down the temperature of the vagina. Now, you will think how? The simple way is to take a cool shower that makes your sensitive part feel reprieve.

Don’t think anything about itching

A thought of itching can trigger the irritation around your private part. Watch TV or read your favorite novel to distract your mind from it.

Maintain the hygiene

The first and foremost thing is to maintain the hygiene around the area. Don’t even try to scrub the vulva and avoid using any kind of scented products like soap or douche, as it can irritate your sensitive part. If your sensitivity level is high, then opt for cotton underwear instead of nylon or fancy one, because it is easy to wash and remain free any kind of infection.

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