Young Youth Affected By Heart Attacks

While many people assume that heart attack only bothers middle-aged people to elderly people, poor health can cause problems, young adults, too. It is the greatest burden in later age but let’s not forget it troubles young people too. Heart attack in young people is the double danger. The disease is never suspected for the first time, as most of the patients wrongly assume it to be “gas” or “muscle “pain. Sometimes even doctors did not recognize it and don’t take the ECG of the patient which worsen the condition.

Here are the three common heart problems which are affecting the adults:


Arrhythmia can be caused by many factors and are quite common among people of all ages. In this problem, the person is having the irregular heartbeat. In fact, it is the most widespread cause of cardiac arrest, which is the most common cause of natural death in the US.


Heart diseases can cause heart muscles to become abnormally thick, obstructing its ability to pump blood throughout the body. It is the leading cause of sudden death in people under 30, especially athletes.


Heart defects can be caused by viral infections in mothers during pregnancy or due to an intake of alcohol during pregnancy or because of genetics effect. There are various ranges of heart effects like an obstruction in the blood flow to the heart or abnormal blood flow. Other problems may involve one side being undeveloped or abnormal ventricles.


This disease affects the coronary arteries, which carries oxygenated blood to the heart. It involves inflammation of blood vessels such as veins, arteries, and capillaries. Children who have it, may experience serious problem later on.


HYPERTROPHIC is a common cause of heart attack in young people especially in young athletes and it is mostly inherited. This condition occurs when cardiac muscle cells become enlarged. The enlargement of ventricles thickens which can hinder the blood flow.
One of the threats to a heart is smoking. Smoking by far is the biggest threat which is why its behavior should be corrected first and pays attention. Being overweight is one of the causes in youngsters. Lack of physical exercise is also the biggest cause of this and leads to heart attack.


• Any discomfort pain, burning sensation, compression anywhere between throat and stomach. More than 50% have clue with the heart attack a week or two before but ignore it.
• You get exhausted easily and there are throat and jaw pain. Even sometimes pain radiates down the left side of the body.
• Your legs, feet, and ankles are swollen; this could be the sign that your heart doesn’t pump blood effectively.
• Unexpected, unprovoked sweating along with chest discomfort are some of the other clues with some patients.
• Its normal for your heart to run fast when you are nervous or excited, but if you feel like your heart is beating fast out of time then it’s time to consult a doctor.


The lifestyle of young people is different from those of the previous generation. Previously people used to play sports and cycled but now most of the generation is glued to their computers, phones and social media and there are many smokers too.
Young people are under more pressure and stress than they were 20 years before. They face a lot of competition for jobs and need to work very hard in studies.
Heart attacks are preventable if people take care of themselves. Young people need to quit smoking, eat the healthy diet, and do yoga to relieve their stress. The risking incidence of heart attacks in young India is worrying but heart disease can often be prevented.

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