7 Signs and Symptoms you could have Mouth Cancer/Oral Cancer

Mouth cancers are one of the most widespread cancers of the head and neck area. They can instigate in any part of the mouth. You must be familiar with the fact that, smoking increases the risk of mouth cancer by 20 percent. The location of cancer seems to depend on the practice of the tobacco consumption. For example, a person who has a habit chewing tobacco in their left cheek may be prone to cancer of that cheek only. the risk of mouth cancer is increased by the consumption of heavy consumption of alcohol.

Mouth cancer can be cured only if it is treated in its earlier stages. But the sad thing is that around half of patients don’t consult with their doctor until their disease is has reached advanced stages. So, one must be familiar with various signs and symptoms of mouth cancer. in this article, we are going to discuss major signs that show a probability that you may have oral cancer.

Signs and symptoms of mouth cancer:

#1 Patches in Mouth & Throat

Painful sores are common signs of mouth cancer. These sores are abnormal and have a debilitating influence. These can be present on your lips, inside of your cheeks or gums.

Sores may be large or small and result in the destruction of tissue. One must pay attention to the fact that it takes some time for your mouth sores to heal. But, in case you have an ulcer present in your mouth that is not healing with time, you should be fretful. We advise you to monitor the ulcer and schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

#2 Halitosis

Bad breath can be a result of eating onions and garlic and can be easily aggravated with a toothbrush and mouthwash. Halitosis is a foul odor that indicates a stern problem with your oral health. It is one of the most noticeable signs of oral cancer. Halitosis is a severe form of bad breath that cannot be helped by breath mints, gums or mouthwash.

#3 A relentless sore throat

You may experience a sore throat if you have a cold. However, in case a sore throat if does not improve after a couple of days then you need to seek medical treatment. Other symptoms that convey a sore throat when you have mouth cancer are burning sensations, redness in cheeks and pain.

#4 Hoarseness in your voice

Hoarseness is a kind if gruffness in a person’s voice. Straining and infections can cause a person’s voice to become rough. If your voice has become hoarse without an explanation then there is a probability of mouth cancer. This form can make it difficult for you to speak clearly and in the worst case, your voice may develop a nasal sound.

#5 Neck Lumps

The lymph nodes that are present on the side of your neck are accountable for keeping your body free from germs and microbes. When a person has mouth cancer than his lymph nodes cannot effectively protect his body from the disease. As a result of which, a lump will develop. The lump may ache and gentle.

It is very important for you to note that all lumps present on your lymph nodes do not always indicate cancer. It is the lumps that are bigger in size which indicates that you have mouth cancer. Engorged lymph nodes are also an indication that the disease has come upon advanced stages.

#6 Mouth Pain

The presence of pain is never a positive incidence. In case you experience a persistent pain in any part of your mouth we recommend you get help from your doctor. Studies have shown pain or discomfort that lasts for a long period of time in the mouth is a warning sign of mouth cancer.

#7 Bleeding

Unless you injured your mouth, it is not a common phenomenon for your mouth to bleed without an explanation. Contact your dentist or physician to be examined so as to understand the natural cause of the problem.

People most often do not pay attention to these symptoms but in case you spot any of the above symptoms you must contact your doctor immediately to diagnose the problem.

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