Diabetes Signs: 10 Silent Symptoms You May Miss

Diabetes is also known as the silent killer disease as its symptoms do not appear instantly, in fact it is only diagnosed after blood tests are performed or when long term complications start arising like heart disease or eye problems. Here are 10 signs or symptoms which indicate diabetes; however, regular tests of blood sugar can keep you away from this silent killer disease. If these symptoms appear in your case then you must seek medical help immediately to manage diabetes and prevent severe complications to arise.

1. Are you making more frequent trips to the bathroom?

If you are urinating more often then it is a sign that your body has excess glucose which is flowing in your bloodstreams and this excess glucose starts flushing out of body through urine. With more sugar in your urine, your kidney has more work to do by eliminating water to dilute the urine. Frequent night trips to the bathroom or increased urge to urinate more are sure-shot signs of diabetes type 1 or 2, so get your blood test done immediately.

2. Are you thirstier than normal?

Feeling thirstier! This is directly related to the urinating symptom; the more you urinate, the more you feel thirsty. Your body is dehydrated when you go to bathroom more than usual and you feel parched. However, patients have tendency to drink more sugary drinks when thirsting like juices, shakes or colas which can further prolong the disease. In case of increased thirst you must get your diabetes test done, so that required treatment can be assigned.

3. Your hunger pangs have increased and you feel rickety

Individuals suffering from diabetes are likely to feel sudden hunger pangs or trembling. With high blood sugar in your blood stream, the glucose is not regulated properly. As you eat carbohydrates, insulin shoots out at extreme level, dropping the glucose. This gives you shaky feeling and you crave more sugary foods or carbohydrates. Since glucose is also eradicated in urine, body loses calories. This makes the patient feel hungry to compensate for the lost calories. Further, cells of the body do not get enough glucose or energy which escalates feeling of hunger.

4. Your vision is blurred

During the early stages of diabetes, eye lens faces problem in focusing due to glucose build up in the eye. There is a temporary change in the shape of eye.as the blood sugar level stabilizes, the eye adjusts back.  However, if not treated timely, damage to the eyes can worsen leading to vision loss.

5. You have feeling of weakness, numbness or Tingling

Complications like numbness, tingling and weakness arise when you have elevated glucose levels due to trivial nerve damage. However, these symptoms occur when Diabetes goes undetected or uncontrolled for a very long period of time. UT infections also become very common with bacteria and yeast breeding down under.

6. You have suddenly lost weight

If you have lost weight suddenly it might be due to diabetes. Two factors result in weight loss during diabetes, first is the water loss in body due to excessive urinating and second is shedding of calories in urine due to which glucose is not absorbed by cells for energy. When the diabetes is controlled and glucose level is stable, body gains weight which is a good sign.

7. You are facing constant fatigue

Are you tired and exhausted most of the time? It may be due to diabetes. Since the food consumed by you is not broken down and converted into energy so your body does not get required fuel and feeling of sluggishness appears.

8. Your gums are infected, swollen or tender

Diabetes makes your prone to get infections as body’s capability to combat germs weakens. Your teeth become weak as gaps in your gums increase. A diabetic patient is prone to frequent infections in other body parts also.

9. Your cuts and scars are not healing speedily like before

Diabetes affects the immune system of the body and the healing system works slowly when blood sugar is high. If your wounds or cuts take a long time to heal then get your diabetes checked and get required treatment.

10. You have mood swings and feel irritated

With high blood glucose level, you don’t feel well from inside which can make you feel irritated or moody. Your temper is very short and you experience depression like signs.

Look out for these signs and in case if you are facing these symptoms then contact doctor immediately for treatment as timely cure can prevent long term symptoms which appear due to diabetes.



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