Jaundice in pregnancy – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments You should be aware of

Pregnancy is exceptionally significant for both parents and child. It is important to keep all the health problems at bay, as any affect on your health will indirectly influence the baby. Jaundice in pregnancy is one of critical diseases which must be prevented. Disease of jaundice surfaces if mother is suffering from basic liver problem. Let us discuss its causes, symptoms and treatments.

Causes of jaundice during pregnancy:

Liver function disease results in jaundice which may occur due to several reasons. Primary reasons which affect liver are fatty liver diseases-alcoholic and non-alcoholic, viral hepatitis, acute hepatic steatosis or primary biliary cirrhosis. Intake of paracetamol excessively badly affects liver functions and obstructs its proficiency of filtering waste materials, resulting in jaundice. If there are stones present in the bile duct it causes buildup of bilirubin, causing jaundice. Individuals suffering from malaria can also have inflammation of liver leading to jaundice. If mothers are suffering from a genetic condition known as sickle cell anemia, which instigates breakdown of RBC then bilirubin accumulates which further causes jaundice.

During the latter stages of pregnancy or post child birth, a life threatening disease known as HELLP syndrome can occur. Other causes of jaundice can be birth defects, obesity, autoimmune disease or elevated cholesterol.

Symptoms of jaundice during pregnancy:

Initial symptoms that occur in this disease are: eyes become yellow, skin color gets yellowish hue, urine is dark yellow in color, skin gets itchy and patient’s body feels weak, appetite loss, consistent fever, vomiting and nausea, inflammation of liver or swelling in arms, legs and feet. If the symptoms of jaundice appear then doctors may conduct urine test and blood test to confirm the disease. Malaria or hepatitis tests may also be required. In case of alcoholic fatty liver disease or hepatitis, liver function test may be performed. Ultrasound may also be conducted to check amount of inflammation internally. In rare cases of liver cancer, a biopsy may be carried out to check jaundice.

Treatment for the ailing mother and baby during pregnancy:

After conformation of jaundice through blood tests or other reports, doctors will distinguish the cause of jaundice. The doctor will then give you treatment for the disease keeping in mind your pregnant condition. In case you are suffering from hepatitis A, then the symptoms subside themselves without necessity of any treatment. In case malaria is the cause then doctors will provide you with precise treatment. Serious medical attention is required during pregnancy if the patient has extreme conditions like severe hepatitis, cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Prevention of jaundice however is crucial, so specific measures should be followed to keep jaundice away during pregnancy. Consume healthy and hygienic food to keep jaundice away. Fat consumption should be balanced to keep cholesterol levels and weight under control. Stay active and practice safe exercises, suggested by doctor. Get vaccinated against jaundice and have a safe pregnancy. Avoid OTC medicines and take only those prescribed by doctor.

In case you have jaundice during pregnancy, contact doctor for prompt treatment and quick recovery.

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